What Now?

Long time no read… It’s been almost a year from my last post and quite frankly, I was only forced to think again about my blog just now when I was so kindly reminded that it is time to pay for this domain. A big decision as it is not exactly cheap and my budget […]

Living Herstory

As a history student and, let’s face it, a bit of a history nerd ( read: constantly annoying everyone around me by what I consider hilarious quotes from John Adams or Benjamin Franklin) I often cannot help but wonder what it was like for people during certain parts of history, be it the 100 years […]

Dear Oliver

Dear Oliver, first of all, nice to meet you. After years of various unanimous objects carrying this name in my life, here you are, Oliver the person. Welcome. And I’m sorry. I was thinking really hard about what to say to you, what I would like you to know about the time you were born. […]


Let’s talk writing. If you are one of the two people who read my blog you may have noticed that after boasting in the last couple of posts about how I haven’t missed a single week, I suddenly missed two in a row. There is a reason for it. And no, it’s not about not […]