Reading Challenge

It is no secret that I love reading. Also, it is no secret that I love the smell of paper, the feel of paper, the heaviness of a book in my hands, simply everything that rules out considering Kindle a useful device. And it is due to this unwillingness of mine to compromise, that my […]

What Now?

Long time no read… It’s been almost a year from my last post and quite frankly, I was only forced to think again about my blog just now when I was so kindly reminded that it is time to pay for this domain. A big decision as it is not exactly cheap and my budget […]

Living Herstory

As a history student and, let’s face it, a bit of a history nerd ( read: constantly annoying everyone around me by what I consider hilarious quotes from John Adams or Benjamin Franklin) I often cannot help but wonder what it was like for people during certain parts of history, be it the 100 years […]