Tell me something about yourself. A simple request, yet one of the ones I dread the most. That and “do the dishes” one. Like what the hell do I know about what you want to know? Do you wanna hear my resume, my biographical stats, do I collect stamps or something of that nature…Ugh. But whether we like it or not, it is by far the best we can do when we meet someone new and exhaust our very poor knowledge of weather for the upcoming 14 days. And frankly, you do want to ask this question at one point or another to know whether this person does click with you or whether it is more like “ Run, Forrest, RUN!” scenario. So here we go:

My name is Gabby, which is probably a good start. Twenty-something, living in Europe with a particular interest in things going outside her motherland. Romantic with a clear idea of how the world should be like and who is naive enough to think that people are good, due to which is constantly hitting a wall when faced with the realities of life. A passionate traveler whose traveling is mostly limited to 5 cities in the same country. An enthusiastic student with a real interest in learning and improving oneself yet often caught in the perfectionist spiral. Day dreamer losing oneself in a modified version of the world around. An old soul trying to achieve a fit, healthy and young body and mind. Careful thinker, who has the habit of thinking too much. Bookworm, whose love for books was put on hold for some time but now is alive and kicking. Music lover, whose music interests vary greatly but who could not sing a single clean note. And most importantly, an aspiring writer who wishes to bring a bit of light into the world through humor and kindness.

And this is what this blog is about. Ladies and gentleman, it is my great honor to present you with My Signature Moves.